Jardim Botânico da Ajuda
Calçada do Galvão - 1400-171 LISBOA
telefone 213 619 400

Estufa Real

This restaurant, in what was once the royal green house in the Ajuda Botanical Garden, is only 5 minutes up the hill from the Jerónimos Monastery.

Lunching or dining in this delightful setting can be enjoyed in the 18th century greenhouse from which the restaurant takes its name (Estufa = greenhouse or conservatory. Real = Royal) with stunning views over the River Tagus. The Jardim Botânico da Ajuda, covering more than 3 hectares of garden, is like a sanctuary from the city.

We invite you to savour a choice of delicious foods at lunch or dinner or to organise a fabulous party or an event in this place that lives and breathes history.

Everything is so inviting: so easy to find. When you arrive, leave your car in our own guarded space - at no charge - and enjoy this perfect place of privacy and quiet.

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