Jardim Botânico da Ajuda
Calçada do Galvão - 1400-171 LISBOA
telefone 213 619 400

Sunday Brunch

The Estufa Real’s Sunday Brunch is the ideal opportunity to be with family and friends. The magnificent and varied buffet is a classic – considered one of the very best of its kind in Lisbon.

Take the opportunity to discover one of Lisbon’s more beautiful and secret places. You’ll enjoy a palette of rich greens that the botanical garden provides as well as a magnificent view over the River Tagus.

On Sundays from 12h30 to 16h00.



Welcome drink
A glass of sparkling wine

A selection of natural fruit juices

From the oven
A variety of different sorts of bread and toast
A variety of breads and toast
Mini croissants, brioches and chocolate bread
A selection of jams, honey, and marmalades
A selection of jams, honey, and quince
Scrambled eggs
Crispy bacon

A world of salads
Simple salads with a choice of dressings
Avocado pear with prawns
Prawn-stuffed avocado
White asparagus
Chicken salad à Baiana (influences from Bahia, the most colourful and African part of Brazil)
Coloured fuzile with shrimp
Tri-coloured fuzile pasta with shrimp
Hearts of Palm in a mango vinaigrette
Pasta salad à la Napolitaine
Marinated potato salad with mustard and bacon
An Oriental salad with couscous
Cornucopia of Russian salad with cheese and ham
Ravioli à la Napolitaine

Portuguese hors-d´oeuvres.
Octopus salad
A tuna salad with black-eyed peas
Literally, a “half undone” of cod and chickpea (in fact a combination of slivered cod, chopped garlic, onion, parsley and chickpeas)
Chickpea salad with slivered cod, chopped garlic, onion, and parsley
Marinade of the day
Regional blood sausages, flour sausages and black puddings


From the smokehouse
Norwegian salmon
Atlantic halibut
Mackerel with black pepper

From the sea
Oysters from Setúbal (a fishing port on the River Sado, to the south of Lisbon)
Mussels done in the Spanish way
Fish of the day
A pyramid of shrimp

Hot dishes
“Bacalhau com broa e batata a murro” - Cod with cornbread and baked potatoes
(“Broa” is a Portuguese bread of cornmeal and wheat, leavened with yeast;
“batata a murro”, literally means “punched potatoes”)
Stone bass stuffed with a julienne of vegetables and shrimp
Medallions of veal with pepper and rice done in the Arab style
Chicken curry

A variety of Portuguese and foreign cheeses

Egg based puddings and other regional sweets
Fruit in a fondue of hot chocolate
Bavaroise of fruit
Chocolate charlotte
Assorted mousses
Rice pudding
Crème brulée
Crème caramel
Apple tart
Fruit salad
Fresh fruit

Water & coffee

Price per person €37,00 (inclusive of VAT of 23%) and children, aged 10 or under, enjoy a discount of 50%

The menu is subject to change in line with the chef’s inspiration and the best quality of the products of the day at the market

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